CASESTUDY | The Mobile Cart that Offers Interpretation Services, Data Entry, and Medical Instruments in One Package

CLIENT: Major Children's Hospital


SOLUTION: Custom Pediatric Intrepreter Carts

DESIGN: Custom 

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As a trusted partner First Healthcare Products was called on to develop a custom mobile interpreter cart solution for the pediatric unit of a major Children’s Hospital in Chicago. The pediatric team was asking for a new solution that would help them more efficiently serve, diagnose, and engage their diverse young patients with language interpretation needs. They needed a solution to not only facilitate interpretation and documentation but other clinical functions as well.

First Healthcare Products worked with IT, doctors, and nurses to define and understand these unique needs and point-of-care workflows in an effort to improve patient engagement and outcomes. Combining that understanding and our industry knowledge we designed a custom solution that met all functional requirements and helped clinicians deliver care to these unique patients more efficiently and more effectively.



The pediatric unit needed a small, self-FHP-Mov-itInterpreterCart-CaseStudy.jpgpowered mobile interpreter cart that could
hold a locked iPad mount for translations.
Other needs included data entry abilities, cavi wipes, tongue depressors, throat and eye instruments, and document storage. The solution needed to be durable enough for constant daily use in an acute care setting.



Our consultants worked with the facilities’
doctors and nursing staff to understand their needs and diverse patient demographics. We then interviewed staff to understand how the cart and devices would be used at the point-of-care, and the importance of making the cart friendly and approachable for younger patients.




The cart was designed with a locking 360°
Swivel iPad mount and multiple instrument
mounts to meet specifications. Cable
management, a rear facing power gauge,
and Anton Bauer battery with kid-friendly
graphics were added to enable the cart to be
used for entire shifts with no downtime.



The new Interpreter Carts were deployedFHP-Mov-itInterpreterCart-CaseStudy5.jpg
within the hospital's pediatiric unit. These
point-of-care carts are helping clinicians
deliver patient care quickly and efficiently;
everything needed is easily accessible
on/within the cart.


Download PDF Casestudy