3 Tips for Choosing a Custom Medical Cart

Improving the work environment in a healthcare facility is essential. The best way to update transportation methods for medical devices is to use a utility cart made specifically for the medical field. It’s necessary to have medical carts fit your standards to meet your office’s everyday demands; if you want something ergonomic and flexible, you should consider customized carts. Here are three tips for choosing a custom medical cart.

Pick a Cart With Versatility

Every medical cart needs flexible functionality; without it, you’ll repeatedly roll back and forth between the storage room and exam room throughout the workday. Make it a priority to invest in a cart that has versatility; having different ways to work the cart can limit the number of times you visit the storage room, and it can also balance itself without extra support.

The number one versatile function you need is storage space. You shouldn’t use a cart with minimal storage space across the entire office; instead, use a limited-space trolley in one area. However, a cart with multiple storage compartments can effectively work for everyone, including keeping a closer eye on refills when needing to work in exam rooms.

Make Sure the Cart has Power Support

Various medical carts have electrical support outlets for tablets, computers, and other technology devices. It’s essential to have power support on your cart so no one has to leave an area to retrieve or plug a tablet in because of a low battery.

The best battery technology to buy is either swappable batteries or built-in chargers; swappable batteries work longer than standard batteries and work well in emergency rooms. Built-in chargers let you know when a battery’s full, which is excellent for nurses.

Buy a Cart With Ergonomic Features

Ergonomic features are essential for jobs with work environments that require standing on your feet or sitting in one position for long hours. Not having good support for bodily motion can impact the musculoskeletal system.

When customizing mobile carts for a medical environment, it’s essential to check that each trolley has ergonomic features, such as full-bearing wheels and built-in breaks to keep the cart from rolling away or falling.

Looking into these features is what’s going to help you design the carts that fit your work environment. First Healthcare Products are one of the leading medical cart suppliers providing medical professionals with functional push carts that work for their everyday workflow.