Reimagine Health - First Products Exhibiting at ATA2023

MARCH  4-6TH, 2023 - VISIT US AT BOOTH #906

As a long time vendor partner of the Healthcare IT community we are very excited to see everyone again at the annual ATA conference in MARCH 2023. It's a great opportunity to learn and hear directly from you and our many clients and partners who attend.

This year we will be featuring our Mov-it Tablet Series, Mov-it Telesitter Series and Mobile Telemedicine Carts and mounting system as well as new telehealth solutions for our national healthcare clients.


Our in-house engineering team has been hard at work. Stop by our booth #906 to see our newest designs, integrations and how they are benefiting our healthcare clients.

ATA23 Trio Cart 

We'll be showcasing our evolving Mov-it Telesitter Cart, Mov-it Dynamic Tablet Cart, Mov-it Telediagnostic Cart as well as other technology mobile solutions.


These new designs offer base models that can be easily adapted, modified or upgraded to suit any healthcare environments unique workflow and needs.

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Featured Solutions

Mov-it Telesitter Cart


All In One System Full Technology Packages:
 We've partnered with Active Security to provide a fully integrated Telesitter technology package.


Mov-it Telediagnostic Cart

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Mov-it Telehealth Tablet Cart


Telemedicine Trek to Television Giveaway

We will also be participating in the 'Telemedicine Trek to Television' Game at ATA23. Attendees can come to our booth #906 to get their game board and our booth stamp then go on to collect the other participating company booth stamps. Participants that gather all stamps will be entered into the raffle to WIN one of three Sony 55” 4K TVs.

MEET WITH US at Booth #906

Our VP of Business Development Kim Marone and CEO Paul Smith will be in attendance. If you are interested in meeting with them during the event please contact us and we'll be happy to set up a meeting.

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See you there!
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