CASESTUDY | Innovative Mobile Chart Rack Increases Efficiency

CLIENT: Prestigious NYU Medical Center

SOLUTION: Custom Mov-it Chart Rack, Single High

DESIGN: Custom

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A prestigious Medical Center located in New York City needed a custom, cost effective method to store medical charts while maximizing under counter areas to safely and securely park the charts when not in use. The Medical Center also wanted to increase staff efficiency by providing easy access that could be fully secured to meet HIPAA and other regulatory agency requirements, while also be aesthetically pleasing to the other Medical Center furnishings.


Secure and safe storage that was placed under counters to provide maximum
storage in under-utilized space with easy and secure access for staff.




Working with Medical Center staff, First Healthcare Products design engineers determined the precise size and other specific requirements to create a storage unit to meet these unique needs. The chart racks needed to be mobile, be easily stored under counters and also have the ability to store multiple charts that could be accessed with proper authentication. The chart racks required durability and the Medical Center wanted the racks to have an antimicrobial coating to reduce infection possibility and support infection control and cleaning protocols.

First Healthcare Products designed and built custom mobile chart racks with touchpad locks to meet these design specifications. Once the prototype was approved, multiple chart racks were delivered.


The cost effective and fully functional mobile carts have been implemented through the facility resulting in increased staff efficiency, improved work space ergonomics and decreased clutter.

Here you can see the unused space below the counter and how the charts were stacked and not secure. Afterward room was made available for additional technology on the counter and the charts were securely housed in the locked storage unit below.

Picture1 BeforePicture2 After

  • Meet counter measurements to maximize storage capability
  • Include optional Key Pad Lock for security
  • External covering with antimicrobial paint
  • Durable parts that will stand up to
    24/7 access
  • Aesthetic & pricing requirements
  • Security - key pad lock to meet HIPAA and other regulatory requirements
  • Purpose Driven Design - specifically engineered to save space
  • Durability - steel manufactured in the US to withstand constant usage
  • Aesthetic - design for easy access of charts that integrates with room design
Download PDF Casestudy