CASESTUDY | Delivering on a Tablet Registration Cart for Northwestern Medicine 

CLIENT: Northwestern Medicine


SOLUTION: Tablet Registration Cart

DESIGN: Custom

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The Innovation Department Staff at Northwestern Medicine had a momentous task at hand—they needed to create a new type of tablet registration cart for their Emergency Department. The department had unique tablet deployment needs, but did not have any existing solutions that could accommodate these needs. They required a remedy, one that could not only assist in registration and documentation but be small, mobile, and long lasting.

First Healthcare Products worked with hospital staff and clinicians to define and understand all of the department’s unique needs and overall workflow in an effort to improve patient engagement. The exchange of expert product and workflow knowledge resulted in a custom solution that met all functional requirements and helped clinicians deliver care to patients more efficiently and at a lower cost.



The cart was designed with a Grab n’ Go
keyless twist lock flex mount allowing
staff to take the tablet in hand and talk
face to face with patients. The 15” x 15”
documentation surface saved valuable space
and the powerful battery provided 3 days of
run time without needing to be plugged in.

Our consultants worked with the facility’s
Director of Innovation and staff to
understand all of their unique requirements.
Product designs were developed, feedback
was incorporated, and a custom solution
was created. It was then tested in the field
and modified per request.



iPad Carts were deployed within the Hospital’s Emergency Department. The solution worked with the department’s existing technology and was able to save space, downtime, and costs.



Download PDF Casestudy